Controlled Remote Viewing

across time & space

Expand Your Possibilities

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) training, from its very inception, was designed to give access to and communication with your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a great reservoir of information but we seldom allow it to work. In making a connection between the conscious and subconscious minds, we can then allow the information from the subconscious to surface consciously so it can be accurately interpreted and applied to practical matters. It is this practical application which allows us the opportunity to provide information not only about our own lives but the lives of others.

Problems>Solutions>Innovations (P>S>I) provides a full range of training which will allow a person to understand and use the protocols for doing CRV. Additionally we offer training which will take the student past the study of CRV and on to the level of being able to apply this knowledge to find information which will help solve many real-world problems.

Controlled Remote Viewing is a very highly controlled set of physical/mental protocols which allow a person to bring something which lies hidden within the subconscious mind to the surface, and objectify it. The protocols not only take care of the processes of finding the hidden thoughts/emotions/etc., and bringing them to the surface, but also the process of keeping them "clean" of pollution from the imagination, and from emotions, desires, fears, and other contaminants which lie closer to the surface of a person's conscious awareness, and which would tend to "color" them incorrectly.

Once the communication is set up, you not only have access to the enhanced and advanced perceptions it has access to, but to everything which is in there: your phone number when you were 5 years old, where your car keys are, etc. As this happens, the occurrences of almost everything you have been doing with your mind will increase. Your attention to details (ambience), your memory recall, and yes, even information that provides insight about situations that are outside of normal understanding about time and space. It is generally the latter information which you notice most, simply because it is not the "normal" thing you have been doing. The fact is that, in learning CRV, you have not been given a new life; you have just been given more life.