Controlled Remote Viewing

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What We Do

Problems>Solutions>Innovations was formed in 1993
and specializes in:

CRV Training

We will soon be offering online training of all levels and aspects of the Controlled Remote Viewing process. We train private individuals to professional level, and also offer free training for entire Controlled Remote Viewing units for police and other public agencies. We also offer this training for corporations. This means that a corporation can now have an in-house Controlled Remote Viewing unit, the equivalent of that operated by the U.S. government. For training opportunities, please click on the appropriate "Training" link above.

CRV Services

We offer Controlled Remote Viewing services to private citizens, business clients of all sizes, the scientific community, and police and other public-service agencies.

We use only trained and fully-qualified Controlled Remote Viewers who have passed rigorous training and testing standards, have had their work fully documented and databased, and who have a proven and providable track record. If you are interested in our services, please click on the "CRV Services" link above.