Lyn Buchanan's CRV

Target of the week Instructions

The coordinates
The coordinate use the traditional two sets of 6-digit numbers.

The first set is the date, in YYMMDD order. That format allows every target to be databased by date, and, since it has no relationship to the target, does not give away any target information.

The second number, (shown as "/_____") is not necessary for most viewers. For Coordinate Remote viewers who are going to database their work, it provides the viewer number, the number of that day's session, and the number of times they'ave been asked to work that target.

Like I say, for most non-CRVers, the first number is all you need. If you have not taken instruction from a CRV school, you will probably not have a "viewer number". In that case, just use the first 6-digit number (the date) as the coordinates and don't worry about the rest.

The tasking
Many people fear that "frontloading" will pollute their session, so they do not want any tasking at all. For that reason, we put this into a drop-down box so you can see it if you want to, and do not have to see it if you don't.

HOWEVER... when you get proficient and begin operations, you will, at some time, need to know what aspect(s) of the target the customer wants information about. This "tasking" option provides you with practice tasking which is pertainent to each site, as though it were an operational one.

You can use the tasking if you want. If you do, there are three ways to use it:
  • at the beginning of your session, so you will know what aspect of the target you should put your work into.
  • after you have gotten into your session and gained a good measure of site contact, you can then look at the tasking to see what aspect of the site a customer would be interested in.
  • at the end of your session, you can write your summary and then take a look at the tasking to see whether or not you addressed the customer's interests.

  • However you use the tasking, and even if you choose to never use it, it is written in such a way as to provide as little pollution as possible to your session, and is there only to give you practice in the skills you will need to one day actually work for customers.

    The Dowsing Map
    Advanced CRVers are required to know how to locate a target site on a map. Therefore, maps are provided, when applicable, for that task. If you would like to try your hand at dowsing, these maps will provide you the opportunity for some very good practice work. The feedback for your dowsing will be included in the feedback for the target.

    The Feedback
    The feedback button will take you to a page containing the feedback picture and written information about the target. You may score your session using the information provided there.

    BUT BEFORE YOU LOOK AT THE FEEDBACK... make sure you have written your session summary. That is the only way you will be able to accurately score a session. Once scored, the results can be entered into the PSI Viewer's database.

    For instructions or a refresher on how to write a proper session summary, see the PSI Viewer's manual.