TARGET 130206


This Target of the Week was selected by Teresa Frish for her free webinar, where anyone could receive a remote viewing target tasking, do the session, and then she would meet with them to critique it, and help them learn more about remote viewing, techniques, etc.

This particular target is somewhat special, since it is a permanent location with many permanent features, but one that undergoes frequent changes in content. There is a lot to learn from this target.

It is also a target that is used to train people to ignore "spacial attractors" and hone in on the assigned target. The Bellagio is most famous for its "dancing fountains" outside, for the vast gambling floor, just to the right of the reception desk, and for its extremely large swimming pool, just beyond the back wall of the Conservatory. So, there are many "attractors" to pull you off of this quiet, serene target. Because showing these "attractors" as part of the feedback could give them more strength, we have only shown feedback on the Conservatory, itself. This is a perfect example of an excellent type of training target.

As you enter the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, you first see the reception desk, but you also get the smell of flowers. Beyond the reception desk is the Conservatory - a large, indoor garden area with flowing water and walkways. It is always stocked with flowers and exotic plants for the pleasure of the hotel's guests. It may also have decorations appropriate to various holidays or be set up for weddings (as with the wedding arch in the picture, above).

The constant impressions you will get from this target will be the constant fragrance of flowers,the glass roof overhead, and the extremely peaceful ambience of being able to stroll through a large, indoor flower garden, designed to provide you with a sense of peace and tranquility in an otherwise chaotic "city that never sleeps". You may also get faint sound of the gambling floor, which is off to the right of the reception desk.

Shown below are pictures of the Conservatory as the master gardeners change the decorations to meet the time of year.

The beginning of Spring


Chinese New Year

The Year of the Horse

Memorial Day


I hope you did well on this target. The permanence of this part of the building, along with the changeability of its contents makes this a very instructive target. I would suggest that you study your session thoroughly to learn what went on during your session. You can learn a lot from it.


If you got impressions for which this feedback is insufficient, more information,
pictures and videos can be found at the following web sites:

Picture & explanation of the display (at the time of your viewing)
Las Vegas How-to
Picture gallery of the Conservatory displays
Panorama camera showing the present display

Many thanks to Teresa Frish for slelecting this target for the Wednesday night free webinars she holds on a monthly basis. We at PSI use the targets she selects on this day so viewers will not wind up getting two different targets with the same set of coordinates. You can sign up for these free webinars at her web page under the option, "Online Classes & Discussions". Videos of all of Teresa's webinars are available on YouTube