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The Stratosphere Tower

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What is the tallest structure in Las Vegas, Nevada?

The Stratosphere Tower!


How tall is the Stratosphere Tower? At 1,149 feet tall, the Stratosphere Hotel's observation tower is taller by far than any other structure in Las Vegas. This height is approximately equivalent to a 100 story building. (The Stratosphere Tower isn't actually a "building," it can't be called the tallest building in Las Vegas.)

Almost anyone would enjoy taking a stroll along the observation decks of the Stratosphere Tower. Only those who are extremely afraid of heights should miss out on this popular tourist destination.


There are 2 observation decks: one indoors and another one outdoors. Indoors, you'll enjoy comfortable seats and air conditioning. The outdoor observation deck, however, gives visitors a special thrill---the feeling of nothing between them and the fabulous views of the city below. On both decks, you may stroll in a circle, giving you sweeping views of Las Vegas in all directions.

The Stratosphere's observation deck takes visitors 866 feet above the ground---over 100 stories tall! It's a Las Vegas landmark which can be seen from miles around (and even helps visitors keep from getting lost as they're driving towards The Strip.)


However, if that's not high enough up in the air to suit you, then try riding the Big Shot thrill ride, which will take you higher---to a whopping 1,081 feet above Las Vegas Boulevard. The trouble won't have time to enjoy the scenery. You'll be too busy screaming!

The Big Shot hoists you up to the heights of the Stratosphere Tower---then mercilessly drops you! First, you'll be launched from the base station at 45 MPH. You'll have a moments pause at the top to contemplate the horrifying drop to come. Then without warning, you'll suddenly find yourself falling at warp speed back to the observation deck below.

Will you enjoy the Big Shot? If you enjoy free-fall rides at your local theme park, the answer might be yes. However, at your home town amusement park, you're not so high up that the cars below look like ants---and the people are practically invisible! Care to give it a dare? Needless to say, the Big Shot thrill ride is NOT for people with heart problems.


Would you care for a more daring look at the ground 'way, 'way down below you?

Try "Insanity, the ride!

Though the Big Shot takes you higher into the sky than any other ride at the Stratosphere Tower, you'll always have the "security" of knowing that the farthest down you could possibly fall is the observation deck which remains solidly below you.


There is absolutely nothing but air below the Insanity ride, however. When you look down, you'll see the sidewalk and streets below you...866 feet away! Your stomach will churn and your palms may start to sweat!

The Insanity ride itself, however, is relatively tame. The ride is shaped like a giant claw... which simply opens up and circles the riders through the air at a moderate pace. If this ride were sitting on solid ground, you'd surely pass it by...and let your preschool children hop on board. But there's just something about being 100 stories up into the air that's enough to turn this ride into an unforgettable, thrilling...and INSANE...moment that you'll probably never forget!

Is all that too tame for you? Then try the Stratosphere Tower's X-Scream ride

The action of the Stratosphere's X-Scream thrill ride is simple: you go up, you roll down, you roll backwards, you roll forwards again. (If you've ever taken a child to Knott's Berry Farm, it's very similar to the Great Skate ride at Knott's Camp Snoopy.)

However, the X-Scream ride may be the most terrifying of the 3 Stratosphere Tower thrill rides! It's similar to the Insanity ride because there's nothing below you except air...until your eyes meet the sidewalk 100 stories below you. There's one thing more, though...

You'll be looking straight down at the ground!


The Insanity ride positions riders so that they're facing forwards looking at the other riders. They may glimpse the ground straight below them...but, on the other hand, they don't HAVE to.

When you roll forwards on the X-Scream, you WILL be looking downwards! That's the direction in which the ride will point you. The only escape is to close your eyes!

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