TARGET 080820

An Office With a View

The tower
So, why would someone give a remote viewing target of a building? Well, aside from it having an airport-like control tower at its top, all of its windows on one side, and a railroad boxcar parked at its bottom, this 12-story tall building (including the things on the roof) is not your ordinary office building. For one thing, the bottom of the building is located another 10 stories up in the air.
And believe it or not.......

Atop the ship you can ride in it.

Well, you can ride in it if you are one of its 13-member crew, that is. That's right, that building only houses 13 employees, because the ship it sits on only needs 13 people to run it. Compare that to a US aircraft carrier which has a crew of 5,000 men and officers.

It has a polymer-coated hull which helps it move through the water at 31 knots (compared to the 18-20 knots for most cargo ships). That means that it can get from China to the U.S. in only 4 days. And why "China to the U.S."? Because that is it's only route. Too big to fit through the Panama Canal, it is trapped in the Pacific Ocean, carrying goods for its only customer... WalMart.

More than 70% of the goods sold in Wal-Mart are manufactured in China. Each trip the ship makes across the Pacific, it carries more than 123,200 tons of goods destined for WalMart stores across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

It carries the goods in containers, each the size of a railway car, and docks at a specially-designed set of 11 cranes which operate simultaneously to unload them, and then to load empty boxcars back onto the ship for return to China. That's right, we do not send anything back in the way of goods they might buy from us. The only export to China in this deal is a lot of Canadian, U.S., and Mexican money.

At 1,302 ft long, 207 ft wide, and taller than a 22-story building (measuring only the above-water part), the size of the Emma Maersk is not the only impressive thing about it. It has a 14 cylinder in-line motor which puts out 110,000 horsepower. It has 300,000 cubic feet of storage. It cost 145 million U.S. dollars to build. Its hull has a special coating which cuts down water resistance and saves over 317,000 gallons of diesel per year. And, because of its higher speed, it can cross the Pacific Ocean in only 4 days.
If you gained information in your session which was not covered by this feedback, please click on the following links:
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Many thanks to David Purseglove for suggesting this target