TARGET 080813


Starting shot
See this room? It is the inside of an airplane hanger. The Air Force bought a new fire-fighting foam machine in order to put out any fires which might happen inside the hanger. Once installed, it had to be tested.

Foam starts
The foam shoots from nozzles in the ceiling down onto the locations where the planes are parked for being worked on. The test called for the foam to cover the red cones you see on the floor within 4 minutes. In case of a fire, someone just pushes a red button and the foam automatically pours down on the planes for the allotted four minutes and then automatically shuts off.

Foam continues
Now, we know, of course, that military equipment is always bought from the lowest bidder, and that top quality is not always the case. But in this one instance, the equipment worked better than everyone had planned. Within a minute, the foam was somewhat higher than expected, and the man on the hanger floor decided that he should probably get to higher ground, on the platform where one of the photographers was standing.

Getting higher
Within two and a half minutes, the foam had risen a LOT higher than expected. While the others have abandonded the platform, trying to make their way through the foam to the nearest door, the brave cameraman films on.

Over the camera
But, by the three minute mark, even he is overcome by the rising tide.

Open doors
Meanwhile, the others have made it to the doors and are trying to get them open so they can get out.

Between the buildings
That released the foam to flow between the buildings (this photo is taken from the other side of the next row of hangers as the foam flows past them, catching the wind and blowing upwards into the air.)

Towards the planes
From the buildings, it flowed out towards the airfield where the planes were parked.

Across the field
... and out across the flight apron, making the ground too slick for the planes to safely taxi away.

If you carried your remote viewing timeline on beyond this span of four minutes, then you probably found a lot of people doing a lot of mopping and cleaning - probably for the next few days.


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