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Food fights have been known to get out of hand at times. According to legend, a food fight between some drunken all-night revelers in at a bar in Buņol, Spain spilled out into the street, where neighbors got involved.

It wound up being so much fun that now, the residents hold it as an annual event. It started with the throwing of salads, but somehow, that just didn't satisfy the need to smack someone up side the head with something really juicy and gooey, so it evolved into a tomato fight.

As could be expected, there were people getting hurt, so the government had to step in. It banned the throwing of tomatos, so the residents protested and had a city-wide funeral for the lowly tomato. The government conceded, but made some rules and protocols....
Greased pole
First, participants have to climb a greased pole to procure a baked ham.
(Significance? Who knows! It's a government thing!)
Then, they all pull off their shirts and throw them at each other, just to get the mood of the party going right.

Drmping the trucks
Once the fight is in full swing, trucks loaded with tomatos add fuel to the fire. They slowly make their way through the crowd of about 40,000 people dumping tomatos into the streets. That's when the real fun begins.
The fight
(Is that someone wearing a snorkle?)

In order to keep people from getting hurt, the law says that you have to (in other words, you should) crush the tomato in your hand before throwing it. This, of course, gets as much mess on you as it does on the "throwee".

And, as every veteran food-fighter knows, if you spot someone near a wall or other object, splattering the food against it gets a lot more food on the person and everyone else around than hitting someone directly. So, believe it or not, the safest place is in the fray, not on the sidelines.

That is a fact well known to the people who live there with open balconies.

The fight continues until a horn sounds, ending the festivities. By law, no tomatoes can be thrown after the horn sounds. So, everyone happily either goes to a local bar to finish the party, or lines up at public showers provided for the occasion.

Either way, guess who has to clean up afterwards... that's right, the locals who live there.


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