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Come Play in the Mud!!

Mud Day

The old San Ysidro (pronounced: ee-SEE-dro) Church in Corrales, New Mexico was builtin 1869 out of adobe mud. It has never been plastered over, so the adobe is still exposed to the weather. In spite of the extremely dry climate, the adobe wears away in the wind, sand storms, and occasional rain, so more adobe has to be applied every year or so to keep the mud walls in pristine condition. So, the people of Corrales get together on an annual “Mud Day” to restore the plastered surface on the exterior walls.

This 140 years old tradition is not reserved to the people of Corrales, nor to the members of the San Ysidro congregation The event is open to anyone who would like to take part in getting their hands into some adobe mud and helping maintain a historical treasure.

The congregation now has a new church building, and the "old church" is now used for social gatherings, lectures, presentations, and special events.

Outsiders may wonder why the adobe mud isn't just plastered over so the weather won't touch it, but the people of Corralles know that there is a special beauty to true adobe, to the act of building with mud, and to the heritage of 140 years of love and dedication which is as much a part of this beautiful old building as the mud with which it is made.
The finished church
Other people (who obviously don't take part in the annual event) have suggested that tools be used to make the work faster and easier. But they haven't felt the pleasure of the adobe mud oozing between the fingers and being smoothed out by hand to form a magnificant structure to mankind's highest nature. And, oh, yes... there are all kinds of fiesta and other activities associated with Corrales' "Mud Day", as well.

If you would like to take part in this annual event and "come play in the mun" yourself, additional information on volunteer opportunities for "Mud Day" can be found here.


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