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Armen Lighthouse

Would you like a nice, little one-bedroom getaway? Cheap?

The place looks quite different during mild weather (which is rare).

Calm weather
As you can see, the place is a sort of "fixer-upper", but it has all the amenities of home: a very large nightlight, a jogging track right outside the front door, and a fantastic view of the ocean.

The Armen Island Lighthouse at Pointe De Britagne, just outside the harbour at Brest, in Brittany, France, was vacated around 18 years ago, and has stood vacant ever since. I wonder why.

In spite of the absence of humans there, the lighthouse is fully automated, and still functioning. So, no, it isn't for rent.

The tower is made of solid granite, built layer upon layer of precut pieces which fit tigether like a jig-saw puzzle. At the top is a light and rotating Fresnel lens which can be clearly seen for 20 miles out to sea. The lighthouse is 124 years old, and has withstood the ravages of the angry sea for all that time.

The shape of a lighthouse and the rock it is built on is designed/chosen to disperse wind and water rather than taking the brunt of the impact. If you lived there, you would have to worry more about water coming in than it knocking the building down.

To see a short video clip of the lighthouse during a fierce storm, click here.

To see the full video, click here.

Believe it or not, there were wind-surfers out riding these waves during this same storm. For a video of that, click here.

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Many thanks to Ray McClure for providing this target.