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Dining High

Dining high

Dinner is served - 165 feet above the city of Brussels, Belgium. This is a unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests!

Strapped In
You are strapped in with the same type harness used on thrill rides (no wonder!).

But don't worry. There is ample flooring under your feet.

The whole rig is held by very stong cables - maybe not steady cables - they may sway a lot in the wind - but they are sturdy, nonetheless, so you can feel completely secure as you totally enjoy your meal.

Evening meal

You can have a full Breakfast in the sky, lunch in the sky, cocktails in the sky, meeting in the sky... morning, noon, or night. There is no limit to your imagination.

Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 metres (165 feet), by a team of professionals. Dinner in the Sky is available for a session of 8 hours (see prices, below). That time can be divided or personalised accordeing to the client's wishes.

The table accomodates 22 people at every session, with three staff in the middle (chef, waiter, or entertainer). This means that, at a rate of 3 meals per hour (Hurry up and eat!!!), more than 500 people could have access to this exceptional platform, or only 22 if you want an exclusive VIP event.

Dinner in the Sky is an event that can be held anywhere (golf course, public place, race track, castle, vineyard, historical site…) as long as there is a surface of approximately 500 m2 that can be secured. Of course, authorisation by the owner is required. The target location (shown in the picture at top) is in Brussels, Belgium.

You may also hire a second crane with a platform (or more if desired) at the same height as the table, for entertainment such as music (I wouldn'd suggest getting up and dancing, though), or presentations (for example, presenting the best salesman with a brand new car).

The whole thing is a bit pricey, though, as shown here (information for the advanced viewers to get)
Basic cost (8 hours) (in US dollars, as of March,19, 2008)

Table, crane, logistic & security staff $12,350.85
Transport to site $1172.55
Location research, negociation & renting $1,758.82
Photo Package $984.94
Welcome Package (desk, hostess, bathroom) $742.45
Generator + music & lights $1329.06
Extra hour (per hour) $414.41
Customization (placecards, seating)    $1955.12
Total: $20,708.20

By the way, that price does not include the cost of hiring a second crane, payment for the entertainer, or a special fee for moving the crane around during the meal so the table turns or swings to the music.

Oh, and it also doesn't include the cost of the meal.

For more information on this restaurant in the sky, click here

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