TARGET 080109

Alamo(gordo)saurus Rex

Snack time
Caught feeding, Alamosaurus Rex is found to be a herbavore.

The "Dinos alive" exhibit of robotic dinosaurs will find its temporary home in Alamogordo, New Mexico on January 19th, 2008.

In order to announce its arrival, Mike Shinabery, one of our professional-level CRVers, who works for the New Mexico Museum of Space History, decided to become a dinosaur for a day and let the town see what a dinosaur really looks like.

He went unannounced to several stores in the city and told people about the coming exhibit. He also went to the local schools to make educational presentations to the children. But before the official presentation....

Peek a boo
A peek into the classroom provides some surprises....
Peek a boo 2
Don't eat me!!
... a little fear to some...

...and puzzlement to others.
Many thanks to Mike Shinabery for this target.
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