TARGET 071128

A swimming pool that floats

Floating pool 1

OK. So your swimming hole is either dried up or frozen over. The river is WAY too dirty to swim in. The beach is littered with who knows what, and there just isn't any place where you can go to enjoy a good day at the pool. What do you do? How about swimming in a pool that floats ON all that dirty water? Yes, you read it correctly, the floating swimming pool also known as Badeschiff (bathing ship), the brainchild of Ann Buttenwieser gives you the opportunity to be in water on water.

Floating pool 2

The floating pool is a 25 meter, seven-lane pool that can fit 174 people. The original pool cost more than $4 million to build. Temperature of Berlin soared to the peak of 32 degree Celsius on 15th of July, 2007 and many people flocked to the multiple floating pools now located on Berlin's Spree River.

But when evening comes, and the air cools down and the bugs come out, what do you do? Evening

You simply cover the pool and keep on swimming.

Many thanks to Ray McClure for this target.
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