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Parachute? Parachute?
We don't need no stinkin' parachute!

Free flight
In the dense woods of the Appalacian Mountains, you will find people all up in the air over their ability to fly.

The Appalachian Amusement Center is home to the world's finest Vertical Wind Tunnel. Built by Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation, this VWT is very wide, smooth, fast and quiet. Located in Western North Carolina just a few miles from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Appalachian Amusement Center features the finest Flight Instruction and environment.

A VWT is a machine that produces a vertical jet, or column of wind. If this jet of air is fast and large enough, a person can float on it. Experienced fliers can perform an unlimited sequence of motions which can be acrobatic, or dance like. Skydivers practice in Vertical Wind Tunnels, which are also known as Skydiving or Free Fall Simulators.

The flying is incredibly fun. It is an action sport comparable to, in fact more fun than snow skiing or skating. Most people can master the basics of stable hovering in 5 to 10 minutes of actual flight time.
Learning 1

Learning 2

Learning 3
It feels a little like swimming. Your arms can get tired after a while. The slightest change in your body position makes you move about. It feels like you're flying a helicopter, except you are the helicopter. It also feels like you're in a jacuzzi.

An experienced flyer can, at will, hover motionlessly, or zoom around rapidly, in an infinite range of body positions and orientations. Rapid rotations on various axis can be added.

Multiple fliers can fly in formations or simply do their own thing. Flying can look like skating, dance, gymnastics and acrobatics. It can also look like simply flopping about in mid air.
Flopping around

The lodge
The lodge, itself sits on a hilltop, with the VWT attached to its side.
Lodge in snow
And is open all year round, weather permitting.
For more information about the Appalachian Amusement Center and more photos, travel information, reservations, and more, take a look at The Appalachian Amusement Center's web page

The photos for this target were taken by Chris Landon and Roxana Cox of the Appalacian Amusement Center.

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