TARGET 070829

Public swimming pool in Tokyo

The pool

Videographers from Kilian-Nakamura ( were on hand to film the repair of the wave mechanism for the indoor Tokyo Summerland Wave Pool (shown in the photo, above). They recorded:
"Its summertime here in Tokyo, and since were in the middle of the Obon holiday week a lot of Tokyoites have left town for the countryside, leaving a strangely empty city behind. Those who stick around or come in from the countryside pack just about every tourist spot to the gills. We went to the Tokyo Summerland today to catch some sun, and could barely move! Believe it or not, the picture (above) is of a pool...and not just any pool, but an indoor wave pool! It (the wave mechanism) was broken until 3:00, and when they announced it was starting again, the following craziness happened. If you get motion sickness easily, please do not watch this video (below).
To see a short exerpt of their video, click here

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Many thanks to Ray McClure for this target.