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An a-MAZE-ing back yard.

Lord Bath (shown right),the self-styled King of Wessex,has shattered his own world record for having the longest maze. The 65-year-old head of the Longleat estate in Wiltshire has boasted the record for the longest hedge maze since 1976.

Now he's officially opened a new,larger,maze in the grounds,with paths stretching over one and threequarter miles,in an area covering more than one and a half acres.

Extra signs have been posted to help tourists who face spending the night lost in the labrynth.
3-D maze
Unlike most other conventional mazes itís actually three-dimensional, with six wooden bridges offering tantalising glimpses towards the elusive centre of the maze, which is marked by an observation tower for visitors who manage to find it!
In the maze Itís an enormously popular attraction with Longleatís visitors who take an average of 90 minutes to complete it!

Of course, if you take spotters with you or station them in the towers, you have a distinct advantage (you hope).

For a movie, showing the general level of confusion of people in the maze, click here

If you think that you'd have an easy time, try finding your way through the maze on paper. To the right is the layout of the maze, showing that it is actually 8 separate mazes which intertwine, and in spots, connect to each other. Sneaky, huh? The maze layout
For those of you who ventured outside the maze in your viewing, you may have found the house. For feedback on that, here's the little abode which Lord Bath calls "home".

Longleat House, the Stately Home of the Seventh Marquess of Bath
To help finance the upkeep on Longleat House and the Estate, the Sixth Marquess of Bath was the first in England to provided attractions for visitor. Besides tours of the House , the Maze and others, the main attraction is the Longleat Safari Park, famous for its lions. We did not have time to do the House or the Safari Park.

Set in 9,000 acres of rolling countryside and just a few miles from the Wiltshire market town of Warminster, lies the Longleat estate. The estate consists of 4,000 acres of let farmland, 4,000 acres of woodland, which includes a Center Parcs holiday village and a further 1,000 acres of 'Capability' Brown landscaped parkland.

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