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Street Performance

Street Juggler
This street performer is a regular attraction at the Kemah Boardwalk in Kemah, Texas.

Kemah used to be a small fishing spot on the highway to Galveston. It slowly grew into a town, mainly because of some of the best shrimp catches around. People began stopping there to eat, and also to buy shrimp in bulk to take home for the freezer. Then, back in the 50's, a night club with dining, dancing, and gambling opened up, giving people another reason to stop.

(The following is excerpted from the July 2002 edition of Texas Highways)

(Now), the gulls still hover, the boat parade continues its human comedy, and you can still buy fresh shrimp in nearby Seabrook, but what was Kemah's laid-back restaurant now has blooked into a 30-acre family-entertainment complex called Kemah Boardwalk, a mega-project unveiled (now) nine years agoby Landry's Restaurants, Inc. Handsimely designed and beautifully maintained, it already challenges SAan Antonio's River Walk, the Alamo, and Space Center Houston as one of the top tourism draws in Texas.

Tillman Ferris, Landry's chief executive officer, remembers: "one evening in 1992, I realized that this waterfront could become unbelievable, if the city would let me close off the street and build a boardwalk that had both a front and a back." City officiale ultimately agreed, and the project hit the drawing boards.

Today, walking through Kemah Boardwalk's entrance arch sets the stage for carv=nival-like fun. Calliope music draws you to a classic carousel at the bay end of the site, and a 65-goot high Ferris wheel offers breezy views in all directions from the top seats. The large sailboats tacking back and forth in Galveston Bay like bathtub toys.

Dining here is optional, but seven restaurants beckon, all part of the Landry's chain. (Lovers of "old Kemah" will be glad to hear that the Flying Dutchman's famous and succulent shrimp salad is still delicious.) Optional, too, is participation in the amusement park rides and games, each of which cost $2 per person. Admission to the Boardwalk, however, is free, and folks are welcome to freely stroll the grounds.

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