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Oil Well Blowout and Fire
in Henan Province, China
June 19, 2005

The blowout
An oil well of the Zhongyuan Oilfield in Henan Province, China blew out and caught on fire on June 19, 2005. Here, workers are seen running from the blazing wall of fire.

The fire rages unconctolled
The blowout then turned into an oilfield fire as other wells caught fire and burned. The oilfield at Henan covers more than 15,000 square kilometers of area, and a full-fledged oilfield fire could match the one set by Saddim Hussein's troups in Kuwait. Quickly, 23 fire engines and more than 140 firefighters were dispatched for the emergency.

The flowout was successfully blocked and fire extinguished later Sunday night. No casualties were reported in the accident, and investigation is under way.

Hot worker
A worker pours water on his clothes to cool himself down after a shift of rescue operation to block the blowout and fire of an oil well of the Zhongyuan Oilfield in Henan Province June 19, 2005. [newsphotos: China Daily]


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