TARGET 061011

Bozo the Clown

Bozo the Clown (also known as Bozo), is the name of a clown whose widespread franchising in early television made him the best-known clown character in the United States. Partly as a result, the word "bozo" has become synonymous with a foolish person. It also was a common name given to hobo or tramp clowns.

BOZO's Circus

BOZO's Circus Live on Chicago's WGN-TV, Channel 9

Without a doubt, the most popular Children's television show in Chicago and it's surrounding states was none other than BOZO'S CIRCUS on WGN-TV. The wait for tickets to see the show spanned several years and it was due to a very talented cast which included Ringmaster (Mr.) Ned (Ned Locke), Oliver O. Oliver (Ray Rayner), Sandy the clown (Don Sandburg), Mr. Bob the bandleader (Bob Trendler), Cooky the cook (Roy Brown) and it's shining star Bob Bell as Bozo the clown.

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