TARGET 060719

U.S. Military's Atomic Cannon
Performs Its Only Live Fire Test.

Live test
On 25 May 1953, Atomic Cannon #9 fired the only live round ever, a 15 Kiloton weapon, at a distance of 17 miles (27 km) at the Nevada atomic test site. Live soldiers participated and were sent into the base of the mushroom cloud as part of the experiment, to see what affects it would have on humans. (No reports on how they are today, if still alive.)

The firing took place just to the southwest of Area 51, and just to the west of the Desert National Wildlife Preserve (go figure!), on the Nevada Test Site. (see maps below).
Test site map

Feedback map


The gun today
Today, the gun is little more than a statue, on display at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. A class of graduating students is seen here, posing in front of the gun's barrel for their class picture.

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Many thanks to Ed Morgan for providing this target.