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Amundsen Scott South Pole Station

The entrance

Inside the entrance

Amundsen Scott South Pole Station is run by the National Science Foundation for the purpose of supporting scientific research.

The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is is built around the Geographic South Pole, with buildings surrounding the actual pole. Its elevation is 9300 feet (2835m) above sea-level. Between November and mid-February the station is home to around 200 people, but during the winter (15 Feb to late October) only about 50 people are there, and there are no planes in or out.

Last year's crew

Last year's crew gathers for a final picture before departing the station.

During the summer(December and January), the average temperature is around -18F (-28C), and from March through September the average temperature is between -66F (-54C) and -76F (-60C). Every year there are some days when it drops below -100F (-73C); the warmest temperature recorded in the 43 years of record was +8F (-13C).


Trucks which are used at the South Pole must be specially prepared for the cold, as normal oil and other fluids will freeze solid at these temperatures.


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