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Botanical Gardens overlooking Perth, Australia

King's Park botanical gardens sit on a high hilltop, overlooking Perth, in Western Australia (see first map, below). The gardens have an entrance drive which is a wide, tree-lined drive almost 3/4 mile long. Eucalyptus trees arch over the drive, forming an arched canopy for its whole length. There is also a paved walkway for those who want to walk or jog in its serenity.

The photo above was taken, standing just off the walkway, about half-way along the length of the drive. Between the trees, you can see the far side of the Swan river, with the northern part of the city, which is accessed from the main city via bridge, as seen in the two photos below.

Looking to the left from the King's Park vantage point (in the photo below), you can see the main part of the city, with skyscrapers and one of the most tourist-friendly downtown areas I have ever seen. Transportation around the city is via trolly, and is free.

In the photo above, you can also see the new Perth Convention Center, still in the process of construction.

Perth is the home of the famous Western Australian black swans. These large birds and huge pelicans haunt the Swan river throughout the day and are a special attraction for photographers.


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Perth is situated on the Swan river, which is on the lower-western side of the continent. It is miles inland, but the actual population center extends all the way to the coast, with many quaint towns and many sights to see.

The initial three photos, above, were taken from Kings Park, which is located as shown circled in black on the following map:

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